Ed & Elaine Brown: Property Rights Advocates Jailed for Life

April 24th, 2012

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November 6th, 2011


April 13th, 2011


This is Daniel Riley’s blog run by his brother Bill. the motions are posted there.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Evidence of Witness Tampering by the Gov’t

From the trial docket:

04/08/2011 673 MOTION for New Trial or to Dismiss by Daniel Riley. Follow up on Objection on 4/25/2011. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit (Affidavit) Affidavit of Joel Edgington) (Wiberg, Sven) (Entered: 04/08/2011)

04/08/2011 ENDORSED ORDER as to Daniel Riley 672 MOTION to Compel RETURN OF PERSONAL EFFECTS. Text of Order: On or before April 22, 2011, the Government shall file a response to Defendants renewed Motion to Compel Return of Personal Effects (Docket # 672) that complies with the Courts November 1, 2010 Order. So Ordered by Judge George Z. Singal. (vln) (Entered: 04/11/2011)

04/11/2011 ENDORSED ORDER as to Daniel Riley 673 MOTION for New Trial or to Dismiss. Text of Order: Government shall respond on or before April 25, 2011. So Ordered by Judge George Z. Singal. (vln) (Entered: 04/11/2011)


April 2nd, 2011

New evidence has come out in the trial of the 3 brown supporters. the evidence is in the form of an audio recording done between sven wiberg, dan rileys lawyer, and federal prosecution witness joel edgington. Mr. edgington contacted Mr. Wiberg a couple of months ago to confess that the prosecutors in the case used falsified evidence, as well as attempted to coerce his testimony before the trial. here is the recording.


Elaine Brown gets 35 years in prison for standoff

October 2nd, 2009



CONCORD, N.H. — A New Hampshire woman sentenced to 35 years in prison Friday for plotting to kill federal agents during a nine-month standoff at her fortress-like home said she will continue to fight government corruption from behind bars.

At her sentencing hearing, Elaine Brown said the judge’s decision mattered little to her given her age and beliefs.

“I’m 68 years old. I don’t have much time left on this Earth. But I have no doubt I will spend eternity with my husband and a myriad of others who have fought tyranny and oppression,” she said, pausing several times to clear her throat but maintaining a defiant tone.

She and her husband, Ed, holed up in their 110-acre compound in Plainfield in early 2007 after being sentenced to five years in prison for tax evasion. They were arrested nine months later by federal agents posing as supporters, and were convicted in July on a variety of weapons and conspiracy charges.

Brown insisted that she and her husband were being punished for nothing more than civil disobedience and “daring to challenge and question this massive government.”

“Our state motto is ‘Live free or Die,’ which is what we proclaimed over and over during our resistance,” she said. “I will always resist.”

The sentence fell between the 30 years plus one month the defense requested and the 41-44 years the prosecution sought.

Judge George Singal rejected Brown’s civil disobedience argument, saying she was not engaged in principled dissent to laws she believed to be unjust.

“Let’s not be fooled,” he said. “The conduct engaged in by Mrs. Brown was purely criminal conduct. It was a threat to kill without a trial, without a hearing.”

One of the charges — possession of destructive devices — carried a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years in prison. Defense attorney Bjorne Lange argued that adding just one more month to that sentence would have been sufficient, saying there was no evidence Brown handled any of the weapons or explosives, other than the handgun she was holding when arrested.

Lange also urged the judge to take into account Brown’s past: she worked her way through dental school, raised two children and had no brushes with the law until her arrest on the tax evasion charges.

“They want you to look at what happened at the time of the offense and say that’s the sum of Elaine Brown,” said Lange, who also requested the lower sentence in part because no one was hurt during the standoff.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Arnold Huftalen countered that the only reason no one got hurt was because the U.S. Marshal Service was so patient, ignoring requests from him and others to end the standoff earlier.

“To stand before you now and say ‘Please be compassionate because I didn’t get the opportunity to kill anyone,’ is a statement I think should cause the court to look in the opposite direction,” he said.

The prosecutor described the weapons strewn about the couple’s home — 22 pipe bombs and a 50 caliber rifle in the bedroom alongside Elaine Brown’s stuffed animal collection. Bulletproof vests and ammunition in the closet with the jigsaw puzzles. An explosive device on the jelly cupboard in the kitchen.

The handgun Brown carried was capable of killing 17 people without reloading, Huftalen said, and there was a fanny pack full of extra bullets on the kitchen table.

Brown may have raised her own children well, but she also “mothered” supporters who were drawn to the home, Huftalen said, including a 21-year-old who is now serving 20 years in prison for his role in the standoff.

“This was her house. Mr. Brown was certainly seen as the patriarch, but she was there. She ran it, she financed it … and she encouraged people to come in,” he said.

During the couple’s second trial, Ed Brown testified that the weapons were for self defense and that explosives in the woods around the home were to scare intruders, not harm them. But in a radio interview during the standoff, he said if authorities came in to kill him or arrest him “the chief of police in this town, the sheriff, the sheriff himself will die. This is war now, folks.”

His sentencing has been delayed while he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation to determine his competency.

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August 22nd, 2009

“Prepare for full blown slavery!”

Referring to the article in the July 29 edition [of the Fort Fairfield Journal] about my husband and myself, as of this writing we have not yet been sentenced; however, there is little doubt that on September 3, the sentencing date, the stated term of incarceration will be as printed.

There was criticism in the article by Larry Becraft, and not necessarily unjustified. Ed and I probably could have handled the situation differently, as far as the case and trial are concerned back in 2006-7. I’m sure we made mistakes in how we went about it, and others more informed could have done better. But that is in the past’, we did the best we could, and did what we felt was righteous. Although we made errors in procedure and Allah’s we were and are correct in our position. We made mistakes because we had no counsel/council, and we were denied by the court to acquire council; we did not and do not know of any proper counsel. The court appointed counsel for the “strawmen” have told us time and again that they cannot present our case the way we want them to. We want all evidence and witnesses allowed following lawful court procedures/due process.

Yes, Larry, there are a lot of gurus out there selling misinformation. Did we fall to one, as you say Mike Avery is? Perhaps, but Mike’s motions were all well done, as were the ones we did ourselves. Of course, this letter is being written by a novice in procedure, so others’ opinions are probably more on point. Also Ed wishes to remind Larry Becraft that when he called him about five years ago to ask for some guidance, Mr. Becraft replied over the phone that if I would send him $50.000 he would look into it. So who really is a “patriot for profit?” He had ample time to help and he only spoke of $$$$. No one expects free counsel, we all need to earn a living. We were prepared to lay out the $ but he was not offering any definitive counsel. So I walked away from him. Something did not seem right in our conversation.

At any rate, that was then and this is now. We do not regret the stand we took at our home. The stand was taken because the government literally sent an army at us and fired guns. The court denied our evidence and witnesses. Our goal has always been to bring to light to the American people the misapplication of the federal income tax as it relates to the earnings of us all. We did accomplish our goal, although to what extent only history will tell. Judging by the amount of mail we receive, it appears to be substantial. We have never challenged the constitutionality of the income tax, only the misapplication of it. In law, all laws must be clear, concise, and able to be understood by the average man. Too many of our laws today are not so; they are too easily open to interpretation by individuals, leading to confusion and non-uniformity.

Tommy Cryer was acquitted of his tax charges (he is a 33rd degree Freemanson) Sherry Jackson and we were convicted. All basically the same issue, different interpretations by judges and juries. Federal is federal, and should be uniform throughout the country. Sherry Jackson, along with Joe Bannister, both were IRS employees, who searched in the code for the law that requires us to pay this tax. Neither were able to find such law. If these two people, who worked for the IRS could not find it, after searching for two years or so, how can those without such resources and determination tell us there is. We all assume that we have to pay an income tax. Ed and I did (we were in the top 5% of taxpayers in the country), and had always paid until 1996, when after four years of
asking the IRS to show us the law, with no response, wrote them that as they have not showed us the law, we would cease contributing to them until such time as they did show us, at which time we would pay. We even stated this at our trial, told the jury, show us and we will pay right now. (we always had the $ on hand). Thus, we, along with hundreds of others, sit in prison for violating a law that does not exist.

Had we gone along with legal procedure and attended the sentencing hearing, and then presented ourselves to the marshals to be incarcerated, this would have been just another tax case that faded into the annals, collecting dust, never to be noticed by the public. We could not do that. We will never break any lawful law. To volunteer to be punished for violating a law that does not exist does nothing but perpetuate the fraud. Edmund Burke said, “All that is needed for evil to abound is for good men to do nothing.” We could not do nothing; so I defied Judge McAuliffe’s order, I went home to be with my husband, and we stood our ground.

Hundreds came to us. We had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of wonderful people, people we would never have known had we not done this. We have been blessed. There has been much negative press about us in the main-stream media. David’s article about the CFR in this issue of the FFJ tells about the control of the media by those who definitely do not have the best interests of our country in their hearts. One reporter who came to our home in 2007, told us his job was not to report the truth; his job was to sell newspapers. Sensationalism sells.

This has not turned out as we had hoped, obviously. We claimed we would leave our home only free or dead. Live Free or Die, the New Hampshire motto. We had no intentions of living to be imprisoned.

These further charges only make our mission more important to the American people. Anyone who has not been a victim of our “judicial” system cannot possibly know the extent to which to government will go to prosecute/persecute people in order to impress upon us all their power to destroy, thus intimidating and frightening the people into submission.

Note: The government is now advertising for National Guardsmen to serve at internment camps that they are now building all around the country to suppress any citizens from speaking the truth as Ed and I did. The police state has now come to America; we are out of time. Prepare for full blown slavery!

Be aware, everyone, of all the political prisoners in this country. I read of Richard Taub’s plight; my heart breaks for him. Be aware of the torture done to political prisoners in this country, as was done to my husband at Wyatt Detention Center in Central Falls, Rhode Island, where he was subjected to the infusion of toxic gas into his cell for several hours a day, three days, surviving only because he was able to roll a piece of paper into a funnel, place it under the door, and thus breathe air, and at Elkton, Ohio where the BOP tortured Ed for over two months with near freezing temperatures, naked and in total isolation, without even toiletries for over two weeks Do not be one of those good men who do nothing or when it comes to your turn there will be no one to help you.

It is said of Judge Singal that he is of the belief that one should submit to authorities and sort it out later. I wonder, should Moses have submitted to pharaoh? Should Joseph and Mary have submitted to Herod? Should our founding fathers have submitted to King George? Our country was founded on civil disobedience; indeed, civil disobedience goes back thousands of years. Article 10 of the New Hampshire Constitution, titled “Right to Revolution” states, “The doctrine of nonresistance to arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive to the good and happiness of mankind.” Where injustice and oppression exist we must act, else we submit to slavery.

I also wish to make note to Judge Singal that I understand His parents were placed into a Nazi death camp during World War Two and suffered greatly. He is doing the same thing to us and others that the Nazi did to them, and the Nazi masters are the same ones that Mr. Singal, Mr. McAuliffe, Mr. Muirhead, the entire U.S. Attorney’s Office, and BAR association are working with today, which are the Zionists, Freemason Jesuits. All roads lead to Rome (the Vatican) and England. England owns America through Jesuit Freemasonry, the Vatican controls England.

In a few weeks we will be sentenced to what will be a life sentence for us. We are all in God’s hands, and if it is His will that we do so, we are accepting of it. It would mean that His plan for us is to be carried out in prison. If His plan is otherwise, we will be released at some point, no matter what Judge Singal says. Yahweh is the highest judge. What happens to us, in the long run, is not the important thing. What happens to this country is important, and it can only be saved by a return to God and godliness. May He bless us all.

Elaine-Alice:Brown (c)


July 10th, 2009

UPDATE 7-10-2009

Ed and Elaine Brown were convicted yesterday of all charges against them for their actions during the post tax trial conviction standoff they had with the federal government. the charges carry  mandatory minimum 30 year sentences so these convictions are essentially death sentences for both of the Browns.  their sentencing dates have been set for early september.


February 19th, 2009

The Browns were brought into Federal court in Concord New Hampshire earlier today (2-19-2009) to face additional charges related to their standoff with the Corporate United States. Elaine Brown has been charged with 6 Felony charges and Ed has been charged with 7.  the information is still coming in and updates will be posted here as soon as we get it. we believe the extra charge on ed is one relating to explosives and is the same one that got danny riley sentenced to 30 years in prison. here is a list of what we believe are the charges the Browns are now facing:

1. Preventing a federal officer from doing his duties
2. Federal crime against the US
3. Carrying a firearm
4. Felony possession of a firearm
5. Obstruction of justice
6. Failure to appear

The browns are currently being held at the Strafford county DOC in dover New Hampshire. they are not allowed to have any visitors due to the fact that they are being held in maximum security units. they can however receive letters. to write to them please send mail to “inmate name and number” 266 county farm rd dover N.H. o3820. also the browns commissary accounts from the federal system do not carry over to the state prison where they are being held awaiting trial. so to send money to them for use in their commissaries (to buy stamps envelopes phone calls etc) you can send a money order only either included to them in a letter or seperately address to the county farm rd address care of “Strafford County Commissary”


April 16th, 2008

This website was created to give people one location to get accurate information on the progression of the legal cases against Edward and Elaine Brown of Plainfield New Hampshire and their fellow supporters Daniel Riley, Jason Gerhard, Cirino Gonzalez, and Robert Wolffe, as well as any pertinent information about the tax honesty movement as a whole.

For those of you who don’t know who Ed and Elaine Brown are, please let me explain. The Browns are currently serving 63 months in federal prison for doing one of the most patriotic things possible, asking the government to see the law that they were being accused of breaking. The law they were accused of violating was the personal income tax law and the Browns asked to see the law before they handed over any more money. Their quest for proof of the existence of such a law began over 10 years ago when they first found out the income tax was being misapplied to include taxing all Americans labor. Once the browns realized they, along with the rest of us, were being defrauded of our hard worked labor by the irs they decided to make a stand and challenge the government, not only for themselves, but for the rest of the people in this country, so that they also will be made aware of the terrible injustice being carried out on each of us every day.

Elaine brown (67 years old) was a dentist in West Lebanon N.H. for most of her life and Edward Brown (66 years old) was a retired exterminator. the Browns lived in Plainfield New Hampshire on an approximately 110 acre parcel of one of the most beautiful pieces of land in New England with some of the most amazing views of the rolling hills and mountains in the White Mountain state! They had spent the last several years building their, still unfinished, dream home. All of that changed when on October 4th of 2007 the federal government sent a band of undercover, drunken U.S. marshals onto the browns property posing as supporters and arrested the Browns. During the arrests the federal marshals electrocuted (with a taser gun) Elaine brown to ensure she would not stop them from arresting Ed. And the Browns have not seen each other once since that day.

Since that day, the browns have been incarcerated by the United States government at various prisons throughout the country. They have also recently been told to expect to be charged with new violations for supposed crimes that were committed during their “standoff” with authorities. New charges that could result in an additional 30-50 years jail time for each of them. Even though the browns continually asked to be shown the law making them, and us, liable for a tax on our labor, the government refused to do so. The browns even offered to pay the tax and go to jail if they WERE shown a law, Instead the browns were convicted (by tyrannical Judge Steven McAuliffe) of violating a penalty clause (as opposed to a liability clause) in a trial that should shame most Americans, and were found guilty (in absentia) by a jury that was un-informed due to the judges tyrannical like handling over the court room procedures.

We hope that by keeping the browns story alive and current that it will raise people’s awareness to the frightening deterioration of the constitutional form of government we once enjoyed and were proud of! We hope that when people learn the truth about the browns and their fight against the goliath called the CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that it will inspire more people to become civically active and join the fight to restore our government back to what it is/was supposed to be.

For anyone wishing to contact us with offers of help or support please send all emails to freeedandelaine@yahoo.com thank you.